We provide comprehensive sales and services of all kind of business hardware for desktops, notebooks, workstations, servers and peripherals. As authorised dealer we offer a wide range of branded and OEM products.


We believe in educating our client of the benefits and importance of using licensed software. Therefore we carry a wide range of software for all Operating Systems, Applications, Databases, Tools and Utilities.

Networking (wired or wireless)

Our strength is in designing various types of networks whether wired or wireless. We also design hybrid networks to optimize your investment & productivity. We have vast experience in all types of structured cabling for fibre, co-axial cable or frequency based. Our solutions can be within the same floor, building or even separate buildings.

Network Equipment

Our vast exposure to various networking brands and equipments from IT Racks, server management products, firewalls, routers, switches, hubs, broadband connectivity, print servers, KVM consoles, UPS, virus management and network operating systems like Microsoft Servers and Linux.

Security Solutions

- With over 4 Billion internet users, we are exposed to multiple threats from virus, spyware, malware and not forgetting social media too, affecting productivity, loss of data, costs money and time wasted. Our combined security solutions of anti-virus, internet security or firewalls or even VPN for the matter (can be software or hardware) is able curb all this risks and increase security and productivity.

Data Backup or Recovery

Disaster strikes when we least expect or suspect. We know data is the utmost valuable element of our business because the rest like hardware or software can be replaced if lost or damaged but what about your data if no proper backup. If your storage device is damaged, we can help to retrieve back the data. We have proven high success rate up to 90% recovery. Backup is very important.

Support / Maintenance / Out Source

We provide support ranging from phone, email, onsite, chat and remote access. We have packages to cater for 24 x 7, standard working hours, warranty, extended warranty or any customized support needed by our clients for offices, server rooms, hotels, SME and corporates. Our strength is we provide “ease of mind” to our clients by providing complete solutions. Many clients have outsourced their IT Department needs to us.