Remote Work Place

With the tremendous growth of digital technology providing fast internet access, cloud solutions, voice over internet (VOIP) solutions, video conferencing and all at much reduced costs, these are the ingredients for a right recipe for any company to relook at the;
  • way they work
  • where they work
  • why they work
  • when they work
  • how they work
Bottom line is to increase productivity, reduce cost, increase profits, work environment efficiency, going green, job satisfaction and happy employees with a greater flexibility and quality of life.


IP-PBX is increasingly in demand and will rule most of the SME industries in the coming 5 years for voice either with onsite or cloud solutions. We have solutions for IP-PBX boxes to be deployed onsite, hosted on a Cloud or even as hybrid solutions. IP-PBX allows various carriers to be combined from analog lines, GSM lines and using the internet (VOIP) to maximise the savings, availability, scalability and mobility.

SIP Phones

SIP Phones leverages using the voice over internet protocol (VOIP) to provide High Definition audio quality, noise reduction, multiple users for one SIP Phone and other rich features. SIP Phones can work on a wired or wireless network too. Besides the SIP phones, Soft Phone applications are available to compliment flexibility and mobility. With Soft Phones, a call can be made, answered or even transferred to anyone in the office no matter where you are in the world for FREE.

Tele Conferencing

Constant Communication with your internal Teams or Clients is amazingly possible with many call savings availabilities and not forgetting many very affordable hardware and software solutions. Some of these solutions cater for a single person, a small team and up to a bigger meeting room with 20 people or more.

Video Conferencing

Why fly and spend so much of money and time when you can virtually be part of the meeting by doing a video conferencing. Like the saying “Seeing is Believing”, video conferencing solutions has come a long way with better High Definition resolution and Wider-Angle cameras with better features, size, control and performance.

We have many solutions that can be deployed as a stand-alone using hardware, solutions or both. In fact, better still to can complement your current tele conferencing solutions if available.


The business and working landscape are changing and the quantum leap into unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, application integration, presentations, sharing and even recording the entire session. These applications are so affordable and can be on a subscription and allow any size of participants and even up to 1,000 participants. These is the new virtual way of working, meetings, webinars, seminars and even social meets.

We can help to assess your needs and advise what will be the best to deploy as there are so many available in the market and importantly taking into consideration of security and safety of all information either private or business related.