Interactive Information Kiosk

Kiosk Solutions are immensely powerful direct marketing tools which you can deploy to deliver your tailored messages in a broad range of physical environments.

Apart from standalone, our kiosks can incorporate modular accessories to increase functionality and service, such as internet communications, card readers, transaction slip printing, video conferencing, integrated telephone etc.

Let your kiosk do the marketing, presale and product / service consultation for you. Our easy navigation designs and storyboarding will make the user feel completely at ease, looking up your tailored message and being attracted to your product.

Custom Interactive Presentations

Interactive is the most versatile delivery media, allowing vast volumes of rich content to be delivered, and it can also do automated web-interfacing to download latest information, catalog data and content archival.

It is also ideal for delivering Computer Based Training (CBT) material for end-user or internal skills training.

Whether you want an entry level budget presentation for small groups, a mailable interactive for prospective clients or a high end crowd puller, we craft and design your ideas, your vision, while remaining within your budget.

Visually Impactful Multimedia Presentations

Worlds away from your plain vanilla PowerPoint( click-and-show, we do 3D and Digital Video multimedia productions that generate the most impact on your audience.

Building upon our presentation production, 3D showcases provide the best visualization of any technology today bar none, and it does the best job of demonstrating a complex process or just plain 3D product display.

Roll it, swivel it, flip it all around !! Amaze and sweep your audience off their feet !!